ACEN conference PA systems are the simplest and most economical solutions for small house installations.


This is a very simple 8 channel conference mixer. It can take 8 microphone inputs with 12V Phanton power supply and provides a mixed output to be directly fed to a PA amplifier. A Volume control is provided for every microphone.A voice operated switch at the final output switches off the signal to power amplifier if no one is speaking, thus reducing tendancy of acoustical feedback.Several units of ACEN CX 08 can be connected in tandem to increase the number of microphones.
ACEN EC 808 gooseneck microphones are installed on the conference tables.
ACEN Ceiling speakers are installed at suitable locations to keep acoustic feedback to a low level and also cover the desired listening area.

ACEN CX 08 X:This provides balanced inputs and outputs on XLR connectors.(size 1U)
ACEN CX 08 P:This provides unbalanced microphone inputs on Phono jacks.(size 1U)
ACEN CX 08 V:A voice operated switch is provided such that the inactive microphones are automatically switched off.(size 2U)


In conference PA system many microphones are required but only a few work at a time. To reduce acoustical feedback, only desired microphones should be ‘ON’. ACEN Conference Mic switcher is the best solution for this application.

ACEN Conference Mic switcher provides individual Mic ON/OFF switches to turn on the phantom supply to the microphone controlling audio and LED at the microphone. Individual microphone volume control is provided. A ‘Call switch’ can provided at the microphone which lights the ‘Call Indicator’ LED provided on the switcher.

Modular construction makes it easy for maintenance. Each module is for 8 microphone inputs, hence the switcher is offered in multiples of 8 microphone inputs.

The Master module includes a Master volume control, Priority Mic input, Auxiliary Input and Reset. Mixed program output is to be connected to the amplifier.