ACEN Zonal Broadcasting and Talk-Back System ( SBC400 STANDARD)


For installation help CLICK HERE (pdf) Neglect PTT switch.

* For broadcasting announcements in schools, colleges and large buildings where announcements are required to be made in selected location/s
* Provides a facility for audio monitoring of a selected location
* Works on 'Basic Electronics'- easy to understand, use and service


Central Console

Junction Box


Available in multiples of 20 zones capacity up to a maximum of 60 zones. External power amplifiers are required.




The console is a table top mounting type. It is wired to Junction boxes - one junction box per 20 zones. These junction boxes are wall mounted. Radial loudspeaker cabling is done to all zones from these junction boxes. Two consoles can be used to make announcements from two locations.


Programme Inputs:


A built-in microphone is provided for announcements.




Monitoring of the program being broadcast or the audio from the zone is available on a loudspeaker or a headphone.

A bar-graph level indicator is also provided to monitor the volume level of Broadcast.
A CHIME signal precedes an announcement.


Zone selection:


Announcement can be made in a selected zone or in a preformed group of five zones. Up to 4 preformed groups are possible in a 20 zone console and 8 preformed groups in a 40 zone console. A special group for one time use can be formed to include any desired zone.

All Call facility:


An ‘All Call ‘ facility is available which enables broadcasting to all the zones with a single switch.


Optional- Message Recorder:

Pre-recorded message record/playback module- upto 4 different messages (more if required).
Announcement timer providing a set of 64 events that can be programmed individually for desired message playback depending on weekdays.